Monday, September 15, 2008

Poem --> True Friends

A simple poem

True Friends

I had a true friend,
Who used to stand with me till the end.
Now that he's taller,
I feel that he's further.

He wishes to go his own way,
Yes, I thought he still cared.
But then came the day,
Not even minutes were spared.

A simple lunch
was taken lightly.
With his new bunch,
he sticked with them tightly.

"Yi hei" means friendship.
To help each other through hardship.
Together at good times,
As well as bad times.

My friendship was deeper than the sea.
Was yours as shallow as the beach?
Why couldn't you see
what I was trying to teach?

Give or take,
it's your choice.
For your sake,
Hear my voice.
Yours truly,
A true friend

confucius true friends

That's What Friends Are For
By Dionne Warwick & Friends

true frens

A friend is a simple letter in the alphabet.
It can mean nothing.
Or it can be part of a great friendship.


Sze Wei said...

Hey... Didn't expect my poem to appear here... =P

It's actually a personal message to my best friend =D